Why BoReTech?

With 20 years' PET flakes washing experience and more than 10 years' equipment manufacture experience, Boretech will take comprehensive exclusive planning and provide one-to-one equipment configuration proposal; Boretech will guide customers to choose correct market positioning and lead them to produce the recycled PET flakes to adapt domestic sales or applications according to local market for saving unnecessary learning expenses.

More than 130 sets production lines running in 25 countries.

We strive for outstanding quality of equipment, through those excellent manufacture and quality inspection processes time and again. By using PLC control system, the user can remotely monitor the motor load, temperature, pressure and other production parameters of PET bottle washing and polyester staple fiber production for keeping the quality of end product stably. Boretech has been adhering to provide customers with high-end equipment configuration. To comply with domestic market demand in China, Boretech has developed high CP value design of T2000 PET bottle washing system and C3000 PET flakes washing system for PSF production factory. On the other hand, depending on different countries' economic situation and requirement, Boretech also provides PET bottle washing line with smaller capacity for African and other third world countries. So far, we have supplied the largest capacity of PET bottle recycling system in one workshop in the world, turnkey engineering projects for BtoB grade and PET bottle recycling system for the project of mineral demonstration base city Industrial park. Boretech always integrates environmental protection concept into product research to add value in resource reusing, thereby responding the green global tendency.