Why BoReTech?

BoReTech is a pioneer engineering company in recycled polyester industry integrated resources and technology. Stared in 1989 as a recycler in the PET bottle recycling industry in Taiwan, with 30 years of PET recycling production experience and more than 15 years of equipment manufacture experience, BoReTech provides total solution of the plastics recycling system, polyester staple fiber production, and textile machine, as well as bottle-to-bottle plant and service.


So far, more than 170 of BoReTech recycling systems are in operation globally, it causes that more than 3,000,000 tons of rPET flakes are reborn annually.

More than 130 sets production lines running in 25 countries.

1. Recyclable plastic recycling solutions and engineering services (process layout, whole plant planning, equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, services, etc.), including recycled PET washing and non-PET soft and rigid plastic recycling systems;

1.1 PET recycling solutions and engineering that specialize in processing label bottles, clean bottles, bottle flakes, etc.;

1.2 Soft and rigid plastic recycling solutions and engineering specializes in rigid plastics such as PE, PP, ABS, PS, PC, and PE film, PP woven   bags, etc., and provide one-stop granulation solutions and equipment;

2. Recyclable PET bottle to polyester staple fiber production line, POY, FDY, DTY production line, bi-component fiber production line, and textile machinery and equipment;

3. Recycled PET bottle-to-bottle full production equipment (recycled PET washing + granulation + SSP) and engineering services;